20 Stylish Hair Bun Hairstyles You’ll Adore

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Going to your senior prom? Date? Evening party? Getting married? Or maybe attending a wedding? Work, perhaps? Or are you simply looking for a casual hairdo?

Out of all the hairstyles these days, the “bun” proves to be the most versatile one. And mind you, there are countless ways of doing it, depending on what the occasion is.

Here are the most stylish bun hairstyles that you will absolutely adore:

1. Stunning Updo

The bun updo (comes with various names), is the most requested wedding hairstyle. It can also be done in several ways. But the trick is, you have to style your hair in loose curls. Gather all the hair, wrap it in a low bun, and secure it in place using bobby pins.

For a more dramatic look, let some strands of hair hang loose and curl them.

2. Half Up, Half Down

This bun style works great on all hair length, especially if yours is not long enough for a ponytail. You can also make some modifications, depending if you want to wear it casually or formally..

3. Braided Crown

If you are familiar with the waterfall braiding method, then this bun hairstyle would be a piece of cake for you. Simply braid your hair at the sides and hold the braids with bobby pins. Create a messy bun and accessorize it using flowers or beads.

This is an excellent hairstyle if you are trying to achieve a Boho look.

4. Low Bun

You don’t need to go to the salon to attain a low bun hairstyle. It is something that you can do on your own. It looks simple, but with a few add-ons, you will definitely stand out in a cocktail party.

Wanna spice it up? Try the braided low bun.

5. High Bun

The high bun has been a traditional hairstyle, and it is very easy to do as well. All you have to do is pull your hair away from your face, making a high ponytail and twirl it around the hairband. You can secure it with a tie and bobby pins.

6. Braided Base Bun

Gather your hair from the top and create a pouf with it. Leave about 3 to 4-inch section and wrap the rest in a high bun at the crown, securing it with a hair tie. Braid the section that you left out and wrap it around the base of the bun. Secure it using thin bobby pins.

7. Pigtail Buns

Feeling playful? You can give the traditional pigtail hairstyle for kids a modern and stylish touch. This is something that you can pull of no matter what your hair texture is.

8. Gilded Bun

Brush your hair down with a moussed comb to make it slick and shiny. Gather your hair and create a bun, leaving a little bit on both sides. Overlap the left-out sections and wrap them around the bun. As usual, utilize bobby pins to ensure that the bun is secure in place.

9. Voluminous Bun

To achieve a voluminous bun, simply curl your hair and make a loose bun. Pull put some curls from the front to give it a more feminine look.

10. Modern French Twist

Start by styling your hair in a pouf, and use the rest to create a bun. To frame your face, allow some strands of hair to hang loose on the sides.

11. Mohawk Bun

Brush your hair with a mousse and style it in curls. Gather the curls and pin them to create the Mohawk look. Do the same to form the bun

12. Classy Side Bun

If you want to take the low bun to the next level and give it a more elegant look, you should go for the classy side bun. Curl your hair and wrap it in a side bun. After which, pin the end at the top and roll your bangs, while securing them across the front.

13. Folded Updo

With this bun hairstyle, all you need is a comb, elastic band, and bobby pins. Tie your hair in a ponytail before rolling it in small sections. Secure them in place to form a bun.

14. Crimped Bun

This right here will certainly give your bun hairstyle some kind of an attitude. Aside from the usual comb and bobby pins, you will need a crimping iron and some flowers to accessorize your hairdo.

First, you have to crimp your hair using the iron. With the front of your hair, create a pouf and use the rest to form a bun. Ensure that the pouf and bun are both in place with bobby pins.

Add some flowers to give the hairstyle a more dramatic, romantic look.

15.  Curly Ends Bun

A curly ends bun requires a curling iron (or rollers) and some bobby pins. Using the curler or rollers, make sure that the end of your hair gets the perfect curls. Gather all your hair and twirl it in a bun, while securing it with bobby pins. See to it that the curly ends are all visible.

16. Gibson Bun

To achieve this hairstyle, tie your hair in a ponytail at any level. Loosen the ponytail from the base and create a nook in the center. Wrap your hair tightly into a bun and tuck it into the nook. Secure with bobby pins.

17.  Beehive Bun

Going to a formal evening party? The beehive bun would be an excellent hairstyle.

Comb your hair all the way to the back and then create a pouf at the top. Place the bun maker below your hair and wrap your hair over and under it. Use bobby pins to secure the beehive bun.

18. Double Knot Bun

With the upper section of your hair, create a small pouf and wrap all the hair into a bun. After which, create a second bun using the bottom section of your hair. Secure the buns using elastic bands as well as bobby pins.

19. Bun for Short Hair

With your short hair, you can still form a bun, but you have to utilize hair ties and some pins. You can expect some hair to hang loose, but that ‘messy look’ will actually give you the character.

20. Bun With Bangs

Opted for a set of bangs? No worries, you can still enjoy a bun hairstyle. In fact, you can create any style of bun that you want, depending on the length of your hair and just let the bangs frame your face.